The quiet media revolution..

Sky’s Adsmart platform has revolutionised TV advertising in the last 3 years, but it’s not the only place that you’ll find the application of data changing the way we plan and buy media. In fact almost every channel is undergoing a quiet revolution that is bringing the old media into the twenty first century.

This is good news for both advertisers (less wastage) and consumers (more relevance). From the media owners point of view, the more you cut and dice your audience the higher the premium you can sell it at. It’s the same ears and eyes but simply by knowing who they belong to opens a new world of opportunity.

Adsmart has set the gold standard, with over 400 targetable attributes, and custom segmentation now accessible for most advertisers. This has been achievable though massive investment in proprietary delivery software but also collaboration with data partners such as Experian and Dun & Bradstreet. It also helps to have scale and a subscriber database to start with too, but what about other media owners?

Radio has by definition always been a broadcast media with analogue transmissions alive and well, despite forecasts since the early years of the millennium of it being obsolete ‘in the next 5 years’.

Ok, so the archaic audience measurement system RAJAR is still with us but the better radio groups present campaigns in a true pan media way that seamlessly incorporates online promotions and listening. With on air broadcast, driving online response. The move into DAX digital delivery, a collaboration between the major players, while still in its early days is testimony to the will to embrace smarter audience delivery.

Cinema screens are mostly shown digitally rather than on 35mm film now, but when it comes to audience, data is driving targeting too. With another collaboration with Experian, audiences can be profiled in a way that allows us to only use cinemas that index well for any segment. Even some lobby screens are digitally networked allowing touch screen interaction in real time.

Out of home has probably covered the most ground in recent years with the whole scale upgrading of old paper and paste sites to digital inventory. This combined with Route software, allows outdoor campaigns to be tailored as closely as possible to the journeys of particular profile groups. Tesco are in the wonderful position of knowing when people buy certain products by using Clubcard data, allowing them to up-weight digital advertising at the stores accordingly. If you see nappies advertised outside, expect more mothers and babies to be in store.

Print – far from obsolete but rapidly moving into digital delivery where of course, a myriad of targeting can be applied either through proprietary ad serving, or ad networks offering programmatic buying and new ways of modelling behavioural attributes of audiences.

Working in a media agency like Orchard has never been more exciting and challenging. We are always fascinated to hear updates from our media owner friends and delighted when yet more innovation allows even better tools for planning.

Stimulative advertising can be delivered to increasingly targeted audiences and served in a more timely and contextualised environment than ever before.

As we can see, every media platform has raised the bar and is working hard to be as smart as possible.

Consumer data continues to grow in an exponential way, in tandem with the ability to understand and use that information - who knows where that may lead?

Maybe the next big question is how long will it be before we are anticipating customer requirements and communicating to people the very second a need arises.

But wait…with an Amazon dash button the future is already here.

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