A guide to securing a client's business from a site visit

Your venue or destination has been shortlisted and the client has confirmed that they would like to organise a final site visit.  But, how and what should you do to ensure you are the one that secures their business?

When it comes to showcasing your venue or destination to clients, nothing beats showing them first hand exactly why they should choose you.  It’s time to pull out all the stops, and organise that 'WOW!’ site visit!

Make it an event

You are showcasing to the client exactly why they should bring the event to you so look at the site visit as an event in its own right. Get all your potential suppliers involved right from early on in the planning stage, and make sure that they are all on-board with the importance of this opportunity.  Don’t leave anything to chance - it’s just as important for them as it is for you.

Know your brief!

Always agree an agenda with your client prior to the site visit to ensure that you are matching their needs and time restraints.  Don't take the client ‘off-piste’ and keep to the brief by only showing them what has been agreed - making sure of course that the products you are showing them do actually fit their event requirements!

It's all in the detail…

If they have travelled a long distance to get to you, provide them with a hotel room to freshen up in. If required, make sure you book an appropriate vehicle to drive them around, and, if you know they have had a manic week, greet them with a hot coffee and a snack. Simple gestures like these will go a long way in how your client feels about your ability to work with them... and also gives them that warm fuzzy feeling of being well looked after. 

Be sure to include lunch and breaks when necessary - if the venue is a hotel, ask the hotel to host a lunch, or a coffee break after a show around.

From the moment you meet the client, to the moment you drop them off, ensure every step of their journey is a first class experience. Plan the day meticulously and it will be noted by the client. They want to feel that they can personally trust you to deliver a world-class event for them.

Is the venue ready?

An obvious point you may think, but we have heard it happen all too often – clients turning up at venues that aren’t actually ready for their site visit!  Lights aren’t switched on, rooms are locked, or nobody is there that knows of your arrival.  Make sure the venue is briefed and knows you are coming!

And finally… just enjoy it!

It is a crucial time for you to build a relationship with your potential client and nothing will come across clearer than a supplier who pulls out all the stops to truly show their client why they should be the chosen one.

Remember, people buy from people they like - fact!

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