Stopping the spread of a disease - by spreading the word

One of our newest clients is Animal Health and Welfare Wales and we’re working with the Gwaredu BVD team to build their brand and profile.

It’s true that every project we work on is different. They have different objectives, different messages and different audiences. One thing that is consistent however is the need for a strong and impactful brand that helps tell the story.

We’ve been working with the Gwaredu BVD team at Coleg Sir Gar since August to help them create a brand that matches their ambition- to eradicate BVD from cattle herds across Wales. Why? Bovine Diarreah can leave cattle susceptible to other fatal diseases, causing wise-spread issues for vets and farmers alike, not to mention can have a devastating financial affect for farmers. The Gwaredu BVD programme is Government funded and industry led- which has proven doubly effective, giving vets the practical support that that need and farmers the opportunity for free testing during the project- win win.

Gwaredu BVD is a national programme and has reached 7,000 of the 11,000 herds in Wales already.

The Gwaredu BVD £10 million three year voluntary screening programme is available to all Welsh cattle farms, and is managed by Coleg Sir Gâr’s Agriculture Research Centre in partnership with the Royal Veterinary College.

You might think that brand is not that important in this case, with great figures like that? Wrong.

Yes, farmers and vets are supportive and on-board with the programme but there’s always more that can be done. And the hardest-to-reach audiences will always need that extra persuasion to get on board.

Cue a bold brand, a new-look name, beautiful yet practical marketing materials and a brand-new website which houses all of the programme information, news and support. Not only that, the Gwaredu BVD team took to the Winter Fair to spread the benefits of the programme in their new-look exhibition space. They are indeed hitting all areas with their messaging.

The results? 

A brand that fits the cause. A brand that grows with the success of the programme. A great team who are using the brand to re-inforce their messaging.

We’re confident that 2019 will hold some very exciting progress for the Gwaredu BVD team and we’re excited to spread the story (no pun intended).

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