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The Lab

The Lab is a custom designed viewing facility with two-way mirror located in the heart of Cardiff City Centre, designed specifically for qualitative research, we offer everything from dry hire through too fully managed research project. The Lab space is perfect for focus groups, depth interviews, product testing or even workshops and training sessions. Located 5mins walk from Cardiff Central Station in the heart of the city, the two-room facility can be configured for viewing or for group testing. Both rooms area equipped with two-way mirrors and advanced TV studio production technologies, allowing you to observe and record your research or user testing easily. In addition the fully equipped kitchen is available for food and beverage product testing as well as offering refreshments to your respondent and team.

Our team are members of the Market Research Association, Association of Qualitative Research and the Chartered Institute of Marketing, and will support you at each stage. We understand qualitative research can provide invaluable consumer insights into attitudes, behaviours, feelings and preference on a topic. With the range of research areas being so broad, we can help you cover public opinions, new product acceptance, brand testing, adverting creative testing, propensity to buy or insights into prep or post event/campaign. We use recognised qualitative research techniques to capture those undisclosed insights. It’s not just the spoken word we anticipate, it’s the hidden responses such as facial expressions and body language which can speak a thousand words. We like to find out the why, how and what!

The Lab Hire

Focus Group Testing Service

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