The opportunities are endless; video will never be the same again

Virtual reality and 360‎° video is happening.  Like it or not, it is changing the world as we know it.

The revolutionary new technology is shaping the future of the video industry, and we are leading the way partnering with Nokia under the Nokia Pioneer Programme, as one of the first companies in the UK, and the only one in Wales, to take delivery of the world’s first professional stereoscopic virtual reality camera - the Nokia OZO 360 camera. We are at the forefront of immersive brand experience.

“The Ozo is a cracking piece of kit which takes 360‎° filming onto a whole new level. The quality of the spherical video and surround sound is breath taking, so it’s the perfect tool for our expanding film production department.  

The world of VR is so exciting at the moment, with applications from tourism location promotion, training to curing people’s phobias, so for a company like us, with a vast range of clients from international performing artists to governments and blue chips, the opportunities for Orchard360 are infinite.”

VR Nokia OZO 360° camera hire – Cardiff, UK

For Nokia OZO UK hire costs,  and to see how we can bring your idea to life in breathtakingly virtual reality...  come and talk to us.

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