Iaith Cyfyngedig

Interactive Teacher Training Tool

Design and build of bi-lingual teacher resource tool with lesson plans and downloadable worksheets.

Orchard devised the brand and logo mark for the project named 'Rhifeddodau' (The wonder of numerics) to be installed onto branded USB pen drives and compatible with Windows and Mac PC's. The application was a bespoke codebase using AS3 and XML data feed with the potential to amend/update the project manually by the client in future versions. 

We also devised a randomize feature named 'What's in the box' to engage with the students and facilitate interaction in choosing the sessions activity. The teacher is therefore able to launch the tool and invite a student to press the randomize button to see what activity they will be undertaking. We wanted the UI to be clean, simple to use and intuitive. Clearly labelled and colour coded sections of navigation allow for distinctive separation of of activites. The tool also benefits from a level of accessibility using tab key navigation for all interactions once the tool has been launched. 

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