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The team at Orchard is a rare and curious cocktail brimming with creativity, passion and talent. They have built our brand and website from the ground up, sharing and indeed fuelling our excitement along every step of the way together.
Alex Egan - Director

Our creative juices were definately flowing when it came to developing both a brand identity, hierarchy and animation theme for Yellow Sub Geo. We immersed ourselved in the world of land regeneration with our clients Alex Egan and Gareth Owen to deliver the foundations of their new business.

Starting from the ground up with logotype and iconography, the team developed a visual language that was clean and simple to penetrate the 3 letter acronym world of geology and hydrology industires.

From the outset, our goal was to align Alex and Gareths business vision of wrork life balance, with a visual identity that was fun, playful and yet informative for the subject matter.

Along with this brand identity and guidelines for the three future business stands that hang off Yellow Sub, the Orchard team developed collateral to allow the brand to sing on every touchpoint. We also produced a clean responsive website to drive interest in the fields of Geology and Hydrology! This incorporated an animated explainer intro that highlighted the concerns and considerations the team would investigate during a project. The infographic helps simplify the task of unravelling the complex legalities of land investigation. Yellow Sub is a great startup that we hope to be supporting in years to come! If you're looking to understand more about the development potential of the land under your feet, give these guys a call, email or coffee invite!
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