Advertising Campaign

Having worked with Nolan for a number of years, we were briefed to deliver a plan for their 2016 advertising activity which included new TV creative and 9 to 12 months of TV support for the new spots.

We discussed and made recommendations for media options which included competitor analysis, target audience media choices, creative considerations, and presented the research findings to the clients, using this as the basis for our planning.

Having agreed with the clients that TV would be the main media channel used for this campaign, we then provided a recommendation having considered a number of factors including; second lengths, cost, quality, trading audiences, build of reach vs frequency of message, programming strategy, station selection and seasonality.

We worked closely with Nolan to agree programme strategies on a monthly basis and sent weekly delivery updates whilst the campaign was live. This regular contact let the clients know what was happening with their campaign at all times, and gave them input into the shaping of it. We reviewed the activity post campaign and delivered or exceeded all the elements of the plan.

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