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9 Reasons Why Channel 4 Should Move To Cardiff

Cardiff beats the rest of the UK as a creative, place-to-be city.

If you keep up to date with the latest broadcast news, you’ll know that Channel 4 are saying ‘ciao for now’ to London in the biggest move of its history and relocating to a mystery city somewhere in the UK…

Actually it’s not a mystery, it’s just not been decided where yet. And Cardiff has been shortlisted! There’s a super-duper Channel 4 HQ up for grabs plus three creative hubs. Cardiff has thrown its hat into the ring, along with other cities Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol to name a few.

It’s not an easy decision. I mean, we’re lucky that we have so many dynamic and diverse cities. I can imagine the Execs at Channel 4 have a lot of hard work to do over the next few weeks so I've decided to give them a helping hand.

Cardiff beats the rest of the UK as a creative, place-to-be city and here's why.

Cardiff is a young city

A third of the city region is under the age of 24, and half of our population is under 35. Before you think I’m being ageist (I’m totally not by the way... I currently sit on the very edge of that spectrum) I’m just pointing out that this is a cracker of an opportunity for our creative ad tech industries, as well as future generations. The movers and shakers of tomorrow are here in Cardiff… today.

We’re the closet capital city to London

Travelling to London is super easy… grab a coffee, get your book or laptop out and within 2 hours you’re in London by train. As easy as that. Now, there’s no such thing as time travel yet (although if it did exist, it would probably be invented in Cardiff) However, by 2019 it’ll only take 105 minutes door-to-door, thanks to the electrification of the Great Western Mainline- get in!

…oh and we can fly you to cities across the world

Cardiff Airport has great links to cities across the UK and Europe as well as daily flights to Amsterdam, Doha and Dublin. The most exciting addition? Fly to Australia from the comfort of Cardiff!

We have an established creative industry

Cardiff isn’t just a home for the big guns of broadcasting like BBC and ITV. There’s a network of 3,000 creative companies who provide specialist skills for film, TV and Radio.

Our independent scene is booming

From pre and post production to music and art- Cardiff is the home for Indy’s. In fact, our local council takes it so seriously that last year they unveiled pioneering plans to make Cardiff the first ‘Music City’ in the UK- meaning that there will be a music strategy in place to protect and develop the scene… just a sign of things to come.

It’s not all work work work… living here is pretty awesome too

Cardiff was voted the number one capital city in Europe for quality of life in the most recent EU Survey (seriously!) That’s a big deal. Plus living costs are much lower than other cities in the UK- win win?

Innovation is something that comes naturally to us

From the early days, Wales has always been a nation of ‘doers’. The first microphone; the first Atlantic wireless transmission that paved the way for radio as we know it, the NHS- we’re proud to take credit for these. And the innovation hasn’t slowed down… oh no. Our capital city is developing pioneering technology, including world-class Virtual Reality tech and ‘Live IP’ lines. Come and join the revolution!

Your hard work here won't go unnoticed

The creative industries are now recognised here throughout our education system and we’ve got 100’s of quality Higher Ed courses to support it. Plus, there’s loads of support for start-ups and talent.

Diversity is not just a buzz word for Cardiff

Described by the Guardian this year as ‘The town that pioneered multiculturalism’- our creative output showcases our diverse nature as a city and we’re super proud of it. Our bands, our TV productions, our sport, our TV- run by the people of Cardiff for the people of the UK and across the world. We love that.

Anyway, there’s a snapshot of my official unofficial list of why I think Cardiff is the best place for Chanel 4 to settle (and none are selfish, I promise) It’s the alternative city for the alternative voice- both of these we commend, promote and celebrate.

Croeso i Gaerdydd. Welcome to Cardiff.

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