newyddion a syniadau.
Colourful adverts for various Orchard.Live shows

Bringing our re-brand to life...

Our story behind the logo

The music industry as a whole as seen a massive change in the past decade. With the decline in physical record sales, and the rise of digital streaming, social media and piracy, live shows have become an even more integral part to a fans experience. With this is mind, and the word ‘Entertainment’ feeling a little bit dated to us, we felt that the time was apt to re-brand. Let me introduce to you - Orchard Live.  It certainly makes us feel energised, contemporary and more importantly in the moment.

Orchard.LIVE logo

As part of the re-brand, we wanted to turn the ‘standard promoter’s brand’ on its head by applying a full identity to everything we do - instead of just putting our logo in the corner. As a company we had a really strong identity already, and we really wanted to visualise that and push it through our branding, for all to see and get involved with.

Our brand is unique amongst promoters as it has a sense of strength and progression.  We have a diverse range of shows which we are extremely proud of - starting 2019 with classic rock band Thunder, and then 4 days later we’re promoting Alexis Ffrench, whose debut album spent 3 weeks at #1 in the classical musical charts this year. As a team, this diversity keeps us on our toes, as we never quite know what’s going to come in next! Applying our brand to as many upcoming shows as possible will maximise visibility for us and help us make a statement. We wanted to create something that would make people think “That’s an Orchard gig!” straight away.

The logo

Live written in different styles

With any re-brand, the logo makes a significant impact on your public perception. So, as the Live team designer, I wanted to design a logo that was different and more dynamic than the Orchard Group’s brand.  The team purposely didn’t give me a brief as they wanted me to have the freedom to approach the re-brand with no pre-conceptions or opinions. They wanted to know what I thought represented us. I was after something that was edgy and had that ‘hand-drawn’ effect. Balancing that against the more corporate Orchard logo was a challenge, as I had to create both contrast and harmony between the two parts.

I started with using brush pens and water to create the word “live” with a splatter effect. Starting with a very abstract, artistic look, I then had to refine it down enough for it to tie in with the clean type that we have. I think I must’ve drawn it about a 100 times before it was what I had envisaged!

Creating the correct colour palette

Series of images showing the use of black and white photography and coloured gradients

After researching other promoters nationally and internationally, I really wanted to give us a powerful colour palette that would be eye catching and evoke excitement. After experimenting with gradients, I created a palette that would tie in with a lot of Orchard’s brand colours.

Working with multiple gradients can be challenging, as the odds of colours clashing are very high, so the palette had a few revisions. The final result is a three gradient palette that is punchy, recognisable and balanced.

So, what’s next for us?

Series of square adverts for gigs in the new style

Hopefully the team will book Nile Rodgers & Chic playing in my hometown of Barry! Hahaha but in all seriousness...

This rebrand gives us that opportunity to adapt to the current digital climate of content driven marketing, refreshing how we approach our marketing strategy going forward. We’ll be opening out this new brand to connect to our audience on a more human level by launching playlists, collaborations with other like-minded music lovers, interviews with artists, and writing blogs and more engaging social media posts to get everyone involved. We want to show you what we’re up to outside of show days, and give you a sneak peek into how events work and run. It’s not quite as easy as it’s made out to be!

Our team are constantly attending shows across the UK developing new ideas and checking out new artists to work with, locally, nationally and internationally. Our first three shows announced as Orchard Live (Viagra Boys, Redfaces and Men I Trust) has already seen us go back to grassroots level, where there is some new exciting new music happening.  So watch this space!

Ultimately we love music and it is always at the heart of everything we do. We just want to keep showing you that.

newyddion a syniadau.