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Catherine Walsh

Orchard WPWL ‘Seren Y Mis’!

Meet our first Orchard WPWL ‘Seren Y Mis’ Catherine Walsh, star striker for Cardiff City FC Women.

As part of our ongoing commitment to the women's game, we are pleased and excited to be headline sponsors of the Welsh Premier Women’s League for the fifth year running. 

This season sees us introduce the Orchard WPWL 'Seren Y Mis’ celebrating members of the League and their achievements, passion and commitment. 

Our first Orchard WPWL ‘Seren Y Mis’ is Catherine Walsh, star striker for Cardiff City FC Women. Catherine has been with Cardiff City FC Women since 2012 and she re-joined for their 2018/19 campaign. She also kicked off this season being part of the team for the recent match against Swansea City Ladies - the first WPWL match EVER to be shown live on TV.

Catherine was nominated as this month’s ‘Seren Y Mis’ because of how she stood up to online bullies through the abuse she received through social media after the live match show on TV. She didn’t let it diminsh the team’s accomplishment though and has inspired so many women and girls across the game.

O: So, Catherine, how did you get in to football?

C: I started playing football in primary, just on the playground and getting involved with the other boys. Around about the time I was 6/7 years old, I joined the boys' team at Canton Rangers. It was myself and my sister, and we were the only girls on the team at the time. From there, we eventually joined the development programme at Cardiff City. I eventually joined the all-women's team.

O: Who inspired/keeps inspiring you?

The reason I got in to football was more for just my genuine love for football, and the fact that I have two older brothers, one who played rugby for Wales, and my Dad also played rugby. We are a very competitive, sporty family, and I think that’s where I get my drive from.

O: What has been your stand-out memory during your time with Cardiff City FC Women?

C: Winning the league in 2013. After that I was meant to go to the Championship, but unfortunately, I got injured so I couldn’t, but I was still proud of the club’s achievement.

O: What does the future hold for you? 

​C: I see myself staying at Cardiff City. I’m 26 now, so I feel like I'm at, or past the peak. I’ve played for the national team, in America as well as other countries, so I've have had quite a beneficial career.

O: What is your hope for the future for Cardiff City FC Women?

C: I’d love for us to go on and win a league again – for us to start pushing on for the title, cups, in two semi-finals, hopefully get into a few finals. We’ve been so close the last few years, but we need to be pushing on. We were in two semi-finals before the last season ended early.

O: What is your hope for the Welsh Premier Women’s League?

C: The league needs to become more about not just the top 4 teams – it needs to focus on the lower teams, with more backing for the smaller clubs, not just the top. It’s important to support those grassroots clubs and they need to know that they have an opportunity to progress.

newyddion a syniadau.