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we're Orchard -
the creative agency that brings ideas to life.

The office at Orchard may have fallen quiet, and some of our team members may be on furlough, but we are far from being inactive, with a large proportion of the team still operating and delivering projects for clients. Although the future is uncertain, we are monitoring the situation closely and it is our plan to bring back all of our team members at the earliest opportunity. We are confident that, once lockdown is over, we will start to see the rescheduling of events, and numerous opportunities will arise for which Orchard will be, once again, best placed to bring to life.

are you preparing to open your business or office after lockdown? Here is how we can help you

How can we help?

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Creative is our business. Making it all happen under one roof is what makes us different.

We've got a different kind of approach. Take the stress out of working with tonnes of different agencies and just come straight to us. We have it all covered here at Orchard. We've got your back.

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