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Our official 2017 Charity Partner!

We're delighted to announce our official Charity Partner for 2017 - Huggard

We're delighted to announce our official Charity Partner for 2017Huggard.

A Cardiff-based charity, Huggard tackles homelessness head on, and seeks to overcome the problems and barriers that force individuals to sleep rough on our streets.  Homelessness is a modern scourge. In Cardiff, it has doubled in the past two years, and is attracting more attention than ever.  

The work they do is inspirational, and after a visit of their centre, we felt compelled to try and help. 

Together, we hope that this new corporate partnership will raise the profile of the very real problem that is homelessness in today’s cities, not only in Cardiff, but nationwide. 

“Huggard dedicates all of its resources to help people off the streets and rebuild lives. This partnership with Orchard will help us to generate vital support for our work in overcoming a growing issue that is a personal tragedy for each person affected and a poor reflection on a caring city”  Richard Edwards, Chief Executive, Huggard.

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