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Preparation is everything...

Our ‘Top 5 Tips’ for event planning!

From office launch parties to welcoming your National Team home, planning an event is hard work. Want to know our secret? …Preparation.

Think of the 5 P’s: Preparation know the rest.  

So, we’ve prepared our Top 5 Tips for event planning!

1.    Set Objectives

​An obvious starting point perhaps, but as event organisers, you have to ask ourselves ‘Why are we organising this event?’  Valid reasons may include generating income, launching a new campaign, product or service, to promote the brand, or to impart learning.  A critical analysis should ask "What is it that a live event is going to offer that other marketing and information channels do not?"  "What do I want my guests to feel leaving the event?" "What’s the lasting memory?"

As with all objectives, make sure they are SMART.

2. Manage Expectations

Make sure all the delivery team are aligned and working towards the same point. There’s nothing worse than spending your time organising an event only to find out your boss wanted something different. Set your objectives, and a budget and let us know. The budget shouldn’t be a secret - knowing the financial parameters will focus the discussion - it won’t necessarily limit the ideas. 

3. Get the teams input

Don't try to do it all yourself. Its hard work pulling off an event and you will be glad of the help. This could be other people in your office or event professionals, it doesn’t matter.

Design a brief event description, interview and hold a detailed briefing session.  Having a professional appearance, a ‘can do’ attitude and being able to think and take action quickly are key, so the overall event team should be chosen to reflect these qualities.  Every attendee who comes into contact with your team needs to see the dream team in action!

4. Aim for the stars

Don’t fall into the trap of “keeping it the same as last year” just because it’s easy,  Yes, last year worked but you can always build and improve your event. Start by thinking "What worked well?" and "What can work better?" Maybe your objectives change slightly? Keep fresh – there’s always something new and innovative out there to move you closer to your aims. 

5. Finally....enjoy yourself! 

Sit back, relax and have a drink - let your Event Manager do their job. This is your day and you need to be out and visible, not running about behind the scenes worrying about paper towels.

It’s what we’re here for.

Team Orchard smartly dressed at an event
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