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Luke Evans

Year of the Legends

Orchard produces stunning Luke Evans TV Ad to sell Wales

Coming on the back of the very successful 2016 Year of Adventure Campaign, our Production team, together with creative studio Smörgåsbord, have produced an atmospheric new TV advert for Visit Wales with Luke Evans, one of the most popular film stars of the moment, to promote the country’s 2017 Year of Legends campaign.

Working with Smörgåsbord, Visit Wales’ lead creative agency, and directed by long term collaborator Marc Evans, the mystical and emotive film aims to present a different perspective on Welsh tourism, where history and storytelling are uniquely interwoven with present-day events and attractions. The 40-second composition combines, combines some of Wales’s legendary characters with twenty-first century CGI technology to bring Wales’s stunning landscapes to life in new ways as Luke invites visitors to “find your epic, deep in the soul of Wales”. 

The script - which showcases historical figures such as Glyndŵr and Llywelyn; alongside mythical figures such as Merlin and Rhiannon - is set against the spectacular Snowdonia landscape, where special effects of falling slate arrows, rising waters and flocks of Rhiannon’s flying birds add to the atmosphere of fantasy and drama. 

Our Head of Production, Rob Light said: “We worked so effectively with the great creative team at Smörgåsbord on last year’s successful Find Your Epic campaign, so it was terrific to collaborate again this year on a film we’re all really proud of at Orchard. Luke was also a real joy to work with.”

Director Marc Evans added: “Just as landscape can prompt us to jump, climb, ride or dance so too can it inspire our minds to soar. If Wales is known as one of the world’s foremost destinations for outdoor activities it is also surely even more renowned for its poetry, history and mythology.  Rather than shoot a campaign which visits the sites that physically relate to these ideas (an itinerary of ruined castles and dreaded “historical monuments”) here is a fresh approach, that conjures up the way the landscape can inspire the imagination and connects us to the mythologies of our past.  This is not a commercial about ruins, but about possibilities, and a landscape that surprises and takes you unawares.”

Hollywood star Luke, said of his involvement in Wales’ Year of Legends campaign: “I am excited to get behind Wales as we share some of our most fascinating stories with visitors from all over the world. Growing up, Welsh myths and legends were very much a part of my culture, and their impact can still be seen today if you know where to look. There is so much emerging talent in Wales today, and so many world-class attractions. 2017 really feels like the right time to celebrate and share our heritage and how it impacts us today and into the future.”

To learn all about the Welsh legends depicted in the advert, visit: Visit Wales

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