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Glenn Hapgood demonstrates an Orchard branded cardboard VR viewer

360° Filming and VR – a gimmick or a necessity for marketers?

VR is fast becoming mainstream - but are the current 360° videos hitting the right notes?

As with any new medium there are good pieces and bad pieces. By this I mean, engaging pieces and non-engaging pieces.

A view of a snow boarder travelling at break neck speed down a mountain gives fantastic views and a sense of freedom, but once you have felt this experience, any further snowboarding VR experiences are pretty much the same and the audience starts to switch off.

A snowboarder shot in 360

This is the danger for marketers everywhere.  Are you using 360° filming because it is the “new kid on the block” or does it truly engage your audience?  As always, any good piece of marketing starts with the story telling. Taking your audience on a journey that ends with them buying into your brand, becoming a customer and taking the first steps to loyalty are the objectives for most marketers.

There is nothing more immersive or engaging than VR (If you haven’t experienced it please let me know and I would be happy to show you at our studio....) and when it’s done correctly your job as a marketer is complete.

One challenge marketers are always highlighting to me is “This isn’t mainstream enough to have an impact on my marketing campaign”. The answer, simply put is “What are you doing to make this mainstream and add even more branding to your campaign?” 

There are various solutions in the market currently being implemented by a number of marketing executives, but it can always depend on the industry and the campaign.

The Marriott hotel chain rolled out VRoom Service at their London hotel giving their visitors the opportunity to visit other locations around the world. If you were staying in London you could whisk yourself away to the Andes Mountains in Chile, an ice cream shop in Rwanda or even the bustling streets of Beijing.  Now, the budget for this may not be within reach for your company but there are more and more solutions being developed.

The cardboard VR viewers are allowing all companies, from SMEs to corporate giants, to take advantage of the medium, creating immersive experiences, add to their branding and push it out to the mainstream.

Young women wearing VR headsets

Cardiff Metropolitan University are utilising the viewers to allow potential students to walk around their campus, view the accommodation and truly feel they are already a part of the institution. Creating an app to store the videos and taking the cardboard viewers to various roadshows has allowed them to engage with their prospective students like never before.

The has brought VR to the mainstream and, as a corporate gift or adding to your revenues, ensures your branding is in the home and being used by the whole family.  When I took my first cardboard VR viewer home it was passed around the whole family and I am still waiting for it to come back!

360° Filming and VR is upon us and, if you as a marketer, are not using this technology you can be sure your competition will be.

Please get in touch to find out how we can support you from story boarding to post production.

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