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Awards winners at Festival Interceltique de Lorient!

Our client won Best Delegate!

We’re very proud to be Welsh, and our work at Festival Interceltique de Lorient, one of Europe’s largest events, is a great showcase of this! 

Every summer since 2008 our Events team has been involved in this big Celtic culturefest, and this year proved to be another successful trip with our client, the Welsh delegation leader Antony Owen Hicks winning ‘Best Delegate’. The award recognises the Pavilion, which Orchard designed, built and managed, along with Antony’s good organisation and communication with the Press Office and festival staff.

There are nine Delegates representing the Celtic nations, and with 2018 being the festival’s ‘Year of Wales’, here’s hoping Ant makes it a hat-trick next year.

Da Iawn Ant & Team! Here’s to 2018!

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