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Own your media interview, Orchard style

How to nail your media interview… and how not to.

“It takes me two weeks to prepare an off-the-cuff speech.” Richard Nixon

“Who’s got the questions to my answers?” Henry Kissinger

“There is no such thing as a wrong question, only a wrong answer.” US Broadcaster, Ed Murrow

When it comes to media interviews - these three quotes tell you everything you need to know about how to confidently handle any questions a journalist might put to you.

We know that not everyone is comfortable with the idea of giving an interview on TV.

We’ve all seen those interviews which have now become infamous.

Sensitivity might have changed the outcome of BP’s Chief Exec Tony Hayward on Fox News:

Remember Jeremy Corbyn’s lack of preparation for a Radio 4 interview?

And more recently – Lord Bell on Newsnight and not just because his mobile went off *twice* during the interview:

Dealing with the media is a two-way process. It is important to understand the media to be able to communicate your message effectively.

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Orchard Media Training

Orchard’s Media Training programme shows delegates how to use interview situations to build lasting, effective and mutually rewarding relationships with the media. In our training sessions we aim to build confidence and effective presentation skills – but also to have fun along the way!

We want you have a clear understanding of how journalists think, how they work and what they want from you.

Once you have this knowledge, we can then help you deliver your story and message in the most effective way possible, providing advice and guidance on everything from posture and voice projection, to interview techniques and tips on retaining control and driving the agenda.

In our in-house TV studio set – you’ll be put through your paces in simulated news studio environment. We’ll work with you in advance to ensure that no matter what the question, you’ll feel confident handling it!

You’ll get the benefit of “tips of the trade” from our experienced media consultants who are also working broadcast journalists.

Our bespoke programmes are tailored to the client’s specific subject matter, using relevant issues facing clients in realistic situations.

We operate media training programmes in both English and Welsh.

What have our previous delegates made of Orchard’s Media Training?

“The session beat my expectations. I was very impressed with the topics covered and how this can improve my media performance.”
“Thoroughly enjoyed the session and learnt a lot of things I can transfer into daily tasks not just for media.”
“Looking forward to working with you, hopefully not on a bad PR case, but will definitely be prepared if we do!”

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