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A patient wearing a VR headset controlled by a member of medical staff using a tablet nearby

The future of VR in healthcare.

The launch of a new dimension in healthcare

The future of VR in healthcare has arrived - Rescape Innovation.



Ten months ago our Chief Operating Officer, Matt, attended TEDx in Cardiff, where he met Dr Mark Taubert, Clinical Director of Palliative Medicine at Velindre Cancer Hospital.  From this initial talk, and with our 360 and VR team growing, having created some VR footage at London Zoo, the idea came about implementing this in to healthcare.

We noticed a gap in the UK Health market, with currently no product in the UK like this. We couldn’t think of anything better than putting our creativity and knowledge into something that was not only missing from the market, but would eventually be beneficial for patients.

Using our pool of extremely talented and knowledgeable team members to help nurture and bring Rescape to life, just like we would with any external client, we eventually grew our idea into what we know as Rescape Innovation today.  We are a creative agency after all, and we couldn’t think of anyone better to trust!

From Concept to Creation

We treated this project as we would with any client project. From the initial idea, it was down to our Design and Digital team to create concepts of what would eventually be the logo to represent Rescape and help us to bring the idea to life.  Working in partnership with Velindre Hospital, we wanted a brand that was clean and clinical in relation to the healthcare sector, as well as being forward thinking and innovative, such as the Virtual Reality market. Our Design team got cracking and created concepts for the logo alongside building the website.

A page of various ideas for the Rescape branding

A page of developing ideas for the Rescape branding

The creative process and branding journey is a fun journey for our team. We encourage them to be as creative as possible when it comes to branding a company, whilst incorporating the company’s values and being able to showcase what they do. The brief was to represent the company from a VR perspective as well as from a healthcare perspective, creating a strategic and effective logo that can best represent the company.  From brainstorming sessions and meetings, our team took Rescape on a branding journey, before nailing down the final logo and website which would brand Rescape as you see below.

Screenshot of the homepage

What does the logo mean?

Rescape’ links back into the world of Virtual Reality - ‘Rescaping your reality’; ‘reality escape’. However you look at it, the whole purpose of Rescape is to help the patient escape from the four walls of the hospital room.  It creates a new virtual reality distraction therapy experience that immerses the patient in a virtual reality experience and reduces pain, anxiety and stress.

Why the backwards ‘R’?

The R in Rescape is there to represent two things. Firstly, it is shaped like a pill. This is to represent that Rescape is here to help for the better, to have an impact and improve the patient’s wellbeing. It is a form of non-medicated therapy. Secondly, it also represents the VR unit. Rescape is a Virtual Reality company, so where better to represent that than in the logo itself.

Initial challenge

The initial challenge was once we looked at the virtual reality experiences ourselves, we found that the cost was prohibited to move forward, as hospices and institutions wouldn’t be able to afford the solution. We needed to be able to create a product that was not only cost effective, but would also have a major impact on patients who are about to, or currently going through, treatment to help reduce levels of stress and anxiety.

How we overcame it

The launch product, DR.VR, is at the forefront of Rescape. This also needed its own branding, to enable it be a standalone piece within the Rescape brand. Our strategy was to create a product that would be easy to use for novices, as ultimately it was being created for patients and clinicians alike, who may not necessarily have any VR experience. We wanted the DR.VR brand to be recognisable, as well as easily being related back to Rescape. As the kits will be used around hospices and institutions, we wanted to create a product that was easily transferable and practical for the setting it is intended for. DR.VR has 6 immersive experiences in an out of the box solution for healthcare institutions, hospices and clinicians to be able to deliver virtual reality distraction therapy.

An open case displaying the DR.VR kit including VR headset, headphones, a Samsung tablet and smartphone and a box of disposable covers

Each kit contains everything required for the VR experience including a Samsung S7 headset and tablet, to VR sanitary eye masks, and can be used by someone with little to no virtual reality experience. The virtual reality experience is controlled by the healthcare professional through the tablet provided with the kit. Through this, the professional can also gather data to see how effective the DR.VR experience is, and the most beneficial experience for the patient. 


Through various successful trials at Llandough, the results shown an impressive reduction in levels of anxiety and stress by 55-100%.

“What has been demonstrated here is the solution from Orchard is a useful adjunct in the normal treatment of some of the symptoms we see. Pain, anxiety and breathlessness are some of the common symptoms this has relieved. This would be of use in other settings and we are going to continue to use this and work with Orchard to support our patients care”

Dr Jamie Duckers, Consultant in CF and General Medicine, Cardiff and Vale Health Board

From conception to creation within just a few months, our team have created an innovative, cost effective, out of the box solution that is easy to use for those with less experience in Virtual Reality, so patients can truly get the benefit.

For more info contact Glenn, Head of Product and Innovation: [email protected]

Phone: 02920 100888
Facebook: Rescape Innovation 
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