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The Levellers poster

The Levellers: Iconic artwork for an iconic band

One of our very talented graphic designers, Holly Morgan was challenged with a brief to create a poster promoting and celebrating the 30th Anniversary concert of The Levellers; - an English punk-rock band playing live in Caerphilly Castle this July.

The Levellers

With a full artistic license given, Holly wanted to make this poster something that felt familiar to The Levellers’ fans, but also create something unique and iconic to commemorate such a big event.

Holly started by doing some research about the band and took a look at some photography shots, where she found the most iconic features seemed to be the grunge style of tattoos and patches that the band members share. This is something Holly thought dedicated fans of The Levellers would definitely recognise.

Close up of sketches of poster ideas Close up of sketches of poster ideas

These images were what Holly started to work with in order to inspire her. She traced these images loosely to keep them in an organic style and scanned them into the computer, where they were vectorised and used as imagery for the border of the poster. Holly was very inspired by Graphic Designer, Shepard Fairey, who uses limited colour palettes -particularly red, white/off-white and black- when drawing up her designs.

A computer screen showing drawings of punk iconography including the Anarchy A symbol

“I wanted to give the poster a propaganda feel and used Fairey’s style for inspiration. I wanted the colours to be simplistic but bold in order to create impact.”

Holly found a font, named “Lino Cut” which kept on brand with the lino-print/grunge style that was similar to The Levellers’ logo:

“The band’s logo and existing artwork felt very hand generated. This is something I didn’t want to lose throughout the creation of this poster to keep it recognisable. I wanted to create texture in my work by giving the iconography and font a “lino-printed” feel, as if stamped with ink.”

Holly also created a block-print castle shape for the details of the concert to sit in, this was because she wanted to give the poster some control in terms of layout and structure, which contrasts with the “grungy” style of the rest of the poster.

“One thing a poster needs to be is impressive in terms of imagery, but also easy to read as a consumer, this is something I kept in mind.”

Red and black grungy poster artwork for the Levellers show at Caerphilly Castle

Overall this poster did a great job of promoting The Levellers’ milestone of thirty years and gave a subtle nod to the band and the brand that has made them recognisable to dedicated fans. Her clean-cut design has impact, and definitely promotes these rock n’ rollers in an unconventional way! Great work, Holly!

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