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A cyclist holds up a Welsh flag

Wales in every corner

WARNING: What you’re about to read is a true story that could leave you feeling patriotic, slushy with pride and in love with this beautiful country.

The word 'EPIC' stands in a misty Welsh landscape

It’s the classic ‘Welsh’ thing. We’ve all had it happen to us at some point.

You go abroad, away with work or on your holiday's miles away and… you bump into someone who’s auntie lives down the road from your mum. We can’t help it- we’re Welsh and proud and we can’t help but gravitate to the next Welshie.

Let’s talk about the greatness of Welsh talent across the world. The latest hero? Our G. Geraint Thomas. The yellow-wearing, cheeky-chappy from Cardiff who has delighted the world by being the first Welsh man to win the Tour de France. First thing he did? Bask in his dragon cape and thank his local Welsh cycling club for his success. A madly talented cyclist telling the world how proud he is to be Welsh.

And that’s exactly what we wanted to do at Orchard. Yes, we’re an international company working with clients all over the UK and the world but our roots and our home is here in Wales. Throw in the fact that we can’t wait for the Eisteddfod to come to our Capital city, and boom- you’ve got an excited PR team on your hands.

A closeup of an exhibition stand bearing a red Welsh dragon

We wanted to meet some proud Welsh people to talk about why being Welsh is so important to them. Let’s just say we had a treat when a group of Welsh Learners from Cardiff University’s summer class came to visit.

We’re releasing the footage of our Welsh evening over on our social (go hit follow and join the convo) but in summary- it goes like this.

We met Ariela, a teacher and Magali, a solicitor from Patagonia- both very proud of their Welsh heritage and keen to explore and enjoy Wales more. Freya is a student living in Boston, USA with family from South Wales and her enthusiasm to learn about her Welsh culture and language was contagious! We had members of the group from Hungary, England and a little closer to home in South Wales- all excited at the prospect of visiting the Eisteddfod. Let’s just say we had an evening full of laughs and we left feeling (it’s cheesy) but very proud. Our little country gets around- in a great way.

Two women being filmed sitting in front of an Orchard branded backdrop

What have I learned? Being proud to be Welsh means different things to different people. It’s about moving here and calling Wales home for the first time. It’s about embracing a rich culture and excited about it. It’s about the little things, like the shiver you get when Geraint Thomas dons the Welsh flag. The pride at hearing the Welsh language being spoken halfway across the world.

But do you know what the best thing is? We can all get a piece of the action this week over at the Eisteddfod in Cardiff Bay. As Orchard, we’re helping clients make their exhibition stands fabulous as well as rigging up the sound and audio systems (oh… and our staff will be down at the basin getting their fair share of the wonderful street food, too!)

It’s free entry, in the heart of our amazing city and it’ll most definitely give you that warm fuzzy feeling to being part of something really special. Don’t miss it!

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