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A group of students watch a talk at Orchard HQ

How we are inspiring our future creatives

Being part of Cardiff’s creative community is great. Especially when it allows up and coming graduates to gain an insight into the real creative world and open up the possibilities that come with it.  So, we decided to open our doors and invite a group of 50 graphic communication students from the University of South Wales into our “hectic hive” to see how the company operates and what we get up to.

Designers Holly and Rohanne talk to a group of students sitting on sofas at Orchard HQ

The inspiring day included talks from our Creative Services Manager, Ceri, who gave an insight into who we are and our story.  The students were able to see who we’ve worked with, where we sit within the creative community, our ‘habits’ and what really makes us tick.  Andrew, our Head of Creative, gave a talk on up and coming technologies within the design world, and the work that we’ve created through AR and VR, allowing students to think about how these new technologies can be applied within their own work as they head towards their final year of university. They were then treated to their own experience of bravely “walking the plank” through VR, and workshops on drones and all things AR.

A student wearing a VR headset standing on a wooden plank

Our team were also there to talk and answer any worries that the students may have about that dreaded final year, life after graduation, and what to really expect in the creative industry.

As part of our vision to keep growing, we want and need, to keep inspiring our future creatives.  Hearing the students change from saying “We don’t know who you are” and “we don’t know what you do”, to “You are innovative, fun and exciting” – was just great to hear. We are, after all, a company who wants to show people what we do.

A group look through a one-way window into another room

As always, no one goes away empty-handed when they visit us. The students all took a lanyard as a momentum of the day and a personalised Orchard stick of rock; along with an open invitation to come back whenever they’d like – even if it’s just for a cuppa and a chat, or that stick of rock!

We hope you enjoyed your day at Orchard HQ. Come and visit us again soon!

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