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Orchard supports #RainbowLaces by Stonewall

Why you should wear your Rainbow Laces

We’re all doing it!

We all need to embrace the rainbow, and this month we’re physically embracing it by tying our rainbow shoelaces.  

The Rainbow Laces campaign, created by the LGBT Charity Stonewall, is all about showing support for the LGBT sporting community. To date, there is still a lot of homophobia in sport - 8% of 18-24 year olds still think it’s acceptable to use homophobic language in a sports environment. It is not. Abuse isn’t banter.

We all have the right to play sport. There is no rule that only certain people can play football, rugby, or hockey, for example. Through working with clients such as FAW, WRU and Glamorgan Cricket, and our 3 year headline sponsorship of the Welsh Premier Women’s League - one of the leagues that truly promotes grassroots and community spirit - we are very proud of our involvement with helping to make sport accessible to all, encouraging all walks of life take part.

2017 saw the most successful year for the campaign so far, with 75,313 pairs of Rainbow Laces distributed; over 12 million adults seeing the campaign, and over 42,000 page views on Stonewalls site during the campaign.

This year we are proudly showing our support of the campaign with our football team who, with their Rainbow Laces, are standing in solidarity with the LGBT community.  You too can also show how your support by just wearing these laces. Buy your laces here and show your support on social media by using #RainbowLaces 

You don’t even have to just wear them on the pitch. You can wear them in the office; at the gym; at the supermarket or at the cinema. Wear them anywhere!

Sport is for everyone so let’s all get behind this very worthwhile cause!

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