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Big production, Little indie

Larger creative companies are keen to start working more with creative indies

Wales is a hotbed for creative talent, so it only seemed fitting for this year’s Creative Cities Convention to take place here in Cardiff, which saw the likes of BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 in attendance. For independent companies like us, it can seem daunting. Facing up against such giant companies isn’t an easy task, but believe us, they WANT to talk to us indies.

We’re Creative. We’re Welsh.

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Talks took place throughout the two days from highly esteemed peers from the likes of BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5. They all rallied behind one particular message - indie productions are the way forward, with Channel 5 being particularly vocal about improving their relationship with the Welsh demographic and Welsh co-productions. The big channels want to start collaborating and supporting us smaller companies, by nourishing our ideas and creativity. They want more indie production companies to come forward with their ideas, no matter how big or small, with an ambition to refresh and deliver shows that are able to produce the numbers, whilst utilising local companies.

For a Welsh independent production company like ourselves, this was, of course, music to our ears.

Local talent leads the way

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So, with these big companies wanting to collaborate with us smaller indies, how do you get their attention?  

Stories. Local stories told by local people. It’s as simple as that.

Having an idea commissioned is great, but when it’s pitched and then produced by an external production company, the show can instantly become un-detached from the heart of the area.  So, for the likes of Channel 5, they want to see nothing more than greater collaboration with local production companies to produce content by the people, for the people.

The increase in collaboration between big broadcasters and small indie companies, and the encouragement of this relationship from the top down, is nothing short of empowerment and will help grow and support the creativity of indies.

Do people still watch TV?

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The simple answer is yes. TV is still very much alive and well. TV viewing, according to ThinkBox accounted for 69% of all video viewing in 2018, of which 49% of those were within the 16-34 age group bracket. These statistics alone show that TV is still a big part of our day to day lives. The option of on-demand services doesn’t take away from broadcast TV, but only adds much greater flexibility for the viewer and actually enables them to watch more!  Not only is TV an important factor in our lives, but it even filters in to other aspects of Media. For example, through 69% of viewing on TV in total saw 906billion TV ads, which equates to an average person seeing 41x TV ads a day (a quick shout out to our Media Planning and Buying Team!).

It’s alive!

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So all in all – yes, TV is very much still alive and thriving! Now, more so than ever, broadcasters are investing in Drama, Entertainment and Documentary especially. They want content for the people, created by the people.

As a proud welsh independent company, we pride ourselves on nurturing local talent with our award winning, in-house production team. Nothing is too big or small for us. Get in touch now and we can bring your idea to life. 

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