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Using Immersive Tech to enhance your Exhibition experience

How we pushed the limits of 360 tech

When Welsh Government come to you with an exciting brief, you can't say no. We were given a challenge. The challenge was to increase the food buyers’ interest in welsh food at a national food and drink exhibition; and to showcase as many welsh food producers as possible, as well as highlighting the quality, taste and the stories behind each produce. We wanted to take the food buyer on the journey of Welsh produce, and 360 technology was the way forward. Not only could we showcase some of the wonderful places of Wales, but we could create a fully immersive experience

The WOW factor

We wanted to WOW and excite, and give the international buyers a fully immersive food experience that didn’t just show them the process, but involved all the senses – sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch.

How could this be achieved? How could we tell the stories of the wonderful foods of Wales, without physically taking people there?

The answer was through Virtual Reality (VR). By proposing the use of a 360 dome and projection mapping we were able to create a collective immersive space, giving the feeling of actually being in Wales, and keeping the experience as authentic as possible.

The Welsh Experience

We wanted to capture the journeys and the stories behind the welsh produce, so our Immersive Technology team had the very enviable job of travelling through beautiful Wales filming its stunning locations and landmarks, and visiting local farms, factories and fishermen – all filmed in 8k to allow crystal clarity to show off Wales at its very best. To accompany the visual experience, engaging stories were voiced by a well-known welsh actor, and to indulge the senses that little bit more we used authentic sounds from Wales - utilising spatial sound to add to the immersive quality. Dry ice aromas of the produce were also used, giving the food buyers a complete sensory experience.  You really would think you were in Wales.

The VR Experience

The food was matched with the locations. For example, a harbour / sea side setting for the fish course; rolling hills and grass covered valleys for the meat course, and the dessert course encapsulated the ‘fresh’ locations such as waterfalls and vineyards. In the same way, location-based sounds such as waves crashing, seagulls, etc were used during the fish course to deliver an enhanced feeling of being on the Welsh coastline. Pure bliss. The background soundtrack to the experience had a Celtic vibe to add credibility and follow the theme of the experience - all created by Welsh artists. This ensured a serene feeling to the experience and allowed people to float on the journey with us while tasting Welsh produce.

We got people talking

The feedback speaks for itself. 95% of all visitors said the experience as ‘world class’, and the comments we were received were just that.

“It was so well done – really immersive. I really like that the food was experienced with more than just taste – with your senses. I really like how they brought all that together.”

“Absolutely brilliant, to see the effects of the lighting and everything being shown in the dome, as well as the sensory smells that came up before the food – it was absolutely brilliant. I felt like I was in there – in Wales!”

With such a versatile piece of tech, it can be applied to many different sectors, we're just waiting for the call. Want to find out about how our Immersive Technology team can enhance your exhibition experience? Drop our Head of Immersive Tech, Glenn an email: [email protected]

That's enough of us, check it out for yourself...

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