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3 ways people can influence your brand

The people behind the brand

We’re all about the people.  

Our team are the beating heart of Orchard. They continuously pump energy and passion through everything they do, whilst upholding our core values and creating the culture that we thrive in. Without them, there is no Team Orchard. 

You may be reading this and thinking that this is just some corporate jibber-jabber and that a lot of companies say that. But we are a company of our words.

You may have noticed (and if not, where have you been?) that recently we’ve gone through a brand evolution. Our people were at the very heart of this evolution - from the creation of our secondary palette of colours to our company’s tone of voice. Here’s how...

1. People bring colour into your life 

Our secondary palette is a vibrant mix of bright and bold colours. But they’re more than just colours. It’s the ‘sorbet’ pink polo shirt that our Head of Technical, Martyn, brightens the office with. It’s the ‘carrot cake’ colour of our Graphic Designer Rohanne’s amazing hair. It’s our always dedicated team working hard constantly, and writing ‘midnight notes’. This entire part of our brand was created purely from our internal culture. We wanted the colours for a reason - to resonate internally but to also tell our story. 

2. Is that you or me talking?  

A sense of humour. A bit of tongue and cheek. A little bit serious. How we present ourselves to the outside world - whether it’s through our website or social media platforms - showcases our personality. And this hasn’t just been plucked out of thin air. It’s the witty sense of humour of some of our team members - the phrases, the attitudes, the “yaaaas”, that have all created our voice, and who we are.  It was important to us that we told our story through our very own voice, not a robot. 

3. Refreshed brand; refresh rules 

When refreshing our brand, we didn’t have a select small group of people huddled in a room typing away and creating. We wanted our brand to represent every single team member across the company and felt that it was important that whilst going through such a big change, all of our people felt involved and believed in the brand. For us, they were more than involved - they are the brand. Their opinions matter. A lot. 

From our new team photo’s showcasing the individual and awesome personalities of our people, to the subtle words muttered around the office within our copy, to our colours - we are our people. Take a nose around our refreshed website and you'll see what we mean.  

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