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From Wales to the World. How one team showcased a nation at Lorient...

In its 49th year, the Festival Interceltique de Lorient, held in Brittany, France, hosted record-breaking numbers, but the most important number to us was One.

With an ever-increasing push for return on your investment and validation of your marketing spends, how do you ensure you have all of the expertise you need while making your budget work hard for the results you’ve promised the boss?  

Perhaps you want to run an event, and then realise you need updated graphics and video content. And what about hiring all the tech equipment? Promotion? PR? Well, that’s another conversation…  

With 12 different services and teams within Orchard, it’s only natural for us to become ‘One Team’ in order to bring ideas to life. Our work with Festival Interceltique de Lorient, (or FIL for short) is no different. 

So what is FIL? 

It’s a massive celebration of the Celtic Nations- Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Cornwall, Isle of Man, Galacia, Asturias, Brittany, Cuba, Canada and Australia (we were surprised by the last 3 too!) and their culture. It’s hard to describe the atmosphere of Lorient, and how dramatically it changes from the day before the festival to the day of the festival. From a quiet and quaint quayside town to a jam-packed urban festival - it’s just, pretty amazing. You get to taste all the variations of Celtic food while listening to the most eclectic mix of music. You’ll see instruments you didn’t even know existed, and if you’re brave enough you can join in with the traditional dancing that takes over the streets (Ask our very own Tim to show you how it’s done next time you visit Orchard HQ – he’s our resident expert).

Read more (and in better detail) about FIL here.


For the past 13 years, Orchard has worked at the festival. We project manage, design, build and run the Wales Pavilion on behalf of the Arts Council of Wales. It’s a great showcase of our teams working, complementing and enhancing one another.  Add in our on-site freelancers, sub-contractors, our client and the wonderful festival organisers and you get #TeamFIL

For the past two years, #TeamFIL has grown, and recently we project managed, designed, built and ran the Wales Pavilion, as well as being commissioned by S4C to produce their digital content- a 1-hour documentary and 2x half an hour music programmes. This is where ‘One Team’ really comes into play for Lorient. 

With a lot going on across the 9 live event days – collaboration is key to FIL’s success. Enabling visibility, knowledge sharing and openness across the project and its organisation meant that each team involved was able to exceed the sum of its parts. Look at the finished products here. Team FIL loved getting back to its Celtic roots!  

Fancy your own #TeamFIL? 

Festival Interceltique de Lorient isn’t the only project that benefits from our ‘One Team’ approach here at Orchard. Check out some examples of our campaign projects and say hello to our multi-disciplined teams who will deliver your KPI’s, without the hassle of multiple agencies. Oh, and we’re all under one roof. Easy. 

So the question is… how many agencies does it take to help you deliver your brief?  

If you ask us, just One

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