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The 10-year league...Cardiff Met WFC

We caught up with Performance Director and Club Manager of Cardiff Met WFC, Kerry Harris

As the 19/20 season of the Welsh Premier Women’s League continues, we caught up with Kerry Harris to discuss her time with Cardiff Met FC and her hopes for the future of the league.  

O: What is your role at Cardiff Met and how long have you been with the club? 

K: I am the performance director and manager of the club. I started as a player at the club in 2000 and then started coaching the club in 2002 

O: How do you think women’s football was perceived when you first got involved in women’s football? 

K: The club itself was seen as more of a social team; I think women’s football at the time was generally seen as a second-class sport.  

O: Do you think perceptions have changed? 

K: Yes, definitely! You only have to look at the professionalisation of it across the globe, the viewing rates and followers. With ourselves, our profile has enhanced dramatically over the years, not just domestically but also internationally. We have a growing following and some of these include people from overseas. That said, we still have a look way to go, certainly in Wales in terms of making the game more attractive. 

O: What has been your standout memory with Cardiff Met? 

K: Winning the domestic treble twice, and of course finishing second in the group's stages of UWCL last year. We were elated but also disappointed as that campaign demonstrated how competitive we’ve become and how qualification is within touching distance. 

O: What are your hopes for the future of the WPWL league? 

K: That the league will grow in terms of competition and quality of players, but also that we can make it more attractive to spectators, but also in keeping players in the welsh game. 

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