are you preparing to open your business or office after lockdown?.

Both the UK and Welsh Government have announced that non-essential businesses can now start to prepare to open their doors as we see COVID-19 lockdown restrictions ease. But where do you start? Our Design and Build team can help you plan, adapt and prepare, and ensure that you are compliant with social distancing guidelines to keep both your staff and customers safe.

graphic print & installation.

Whatever the size of your business, you will be required to show signage in your workspace to communicate how you’re implementing social distancing measures. Don’t just think a poster on the staff room notice board, or signage behind the bathroom cubicle door; think – floor guides, vinyls, banners to really get your message out there. We have a wide range of signage options for you and are happy to discuss what would work best for you.


If you need a bit more than your desks and IT equipment moved, we can do the bigger jobs too. Some spaces may need a complete re-fit to ensure you can operate socially distanced. It can be a daunting task, but don’t let it put you off. Social distancing measures are here for the long-haul, so the sooner you adapt your business, the more ‘normal’ it’ll become. Whether you’re a coffee shop who needs extra queue space or a restaurant who needs to adjust their bar area – give us a shout and let us strategically plan your future with the bigger picture in mind.

re-organising your office space.

As a business, you might not have the time to give the ol’ office a re-shuffle and that’s why your employees are currently working from home. Not got the time? Not got the help? Don't worry! Our team can help with the labour – moving equipment, setting up new work areas and even changing the layout of your workspace. We’ll ensure your new area is totally compliant with social distancing measures.

visor shields.

Supermarkets and shops are already adapting to using visor shields, and it’s a really good way of ensuring both your employees and customers are protected. Have you got customer-facing surfaces that need visors in place? Or even just general areas of your workspace? We can provide top-quality visors from a trusted manufacturer and install them for you hassle-free when convenient to you.

surface hygiene.

Your existing workspace surfaces may not be as hygienic as you think. Yes, your décor looks lovely, but is it safe? Wood furnishings are what’s trendy right now when it comes to interior design, but it may not be properly sealed -meaning for germs it’s a haven for them to grow. We can advise on the best surface for your work environment and suitable treatments for your existing workspace. We’ll conduct a full audit on your workspace and recommend our best solutions.

Prepare now to ensure you’re fully compliant with Government guidance so you can re-open for business, sooner rather than later 

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