immersive technologies.

Our immersive creation team are dynamic, progressive and innovative – just like immersive technology itself. Our cameras film in every direction, so we’re no strangers to going above and beyond -literally- to get that perfect shot. From immersive content creation, to production and editing, we can offer the full package to deliver some truly epic virtual environments. Just try us.


AR, VR, MR – so…many…abbreviations! But what do they all mean? Let’s put it simply –

Augmented reality (AR) are those annoyingly good filters you use on platforms like Instagram or Snapchat. Everybody’s using them (and we know you’re a sucker for THAT dog filter…)

Virtual reality (VR) is filmed in 360 view – offering a whole new perspective on how you view video. Geared up with those super swanky headsets, VR lets you experience digital environments from every angle, and it’s uses are infinite.

Mixed reality (MR) is when we mix AR and VR together. Trust us, it’s awesome.

Getting with the times.

360 content creation is the current big-thing, so obviously we’re all over it.

At the forefront of the immersive brand experience, we’re leading the way in delivering virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality experiences.

And it doesn't stop there.

We’re the only company in Wales partnered with the Nokia Pioneer Programme – getting our hands on the world’s first professional stereoscopic VR camera. Under water, on the ground, super slo-mo – we got’cha.

Did you know you can live-stream in 360?

Well, now you do! We can take your event to a global audience – with the best seat in the house. Be there without actually being there.

Talk to our 360 and VR Team

And as for the end product? If large hardware head-sets aren’t for you, we can brand your own miniature viewers to use with a smartphone. By uploading your content to Facebook or YouTube, your final creation is easily accessible and even easier to view. Prefer things on the larger-scale? We’ve got our own 360 pop-up cinema, allowing groups of up to 30 people to view your work at the same time. Fully rigged and available to hire, take your VR experience to the next level.

Have a look at our 360 dome