Live Streaming.

Live streaming offers a unique way to connect with your audience by removing logistical barriers. With capacity limitations and geographical restrictions stripped away, you are left with unlimited reach potential.

Go global.

Provide a stable and secure broadcast that can be viewed online - anywhere in the world - via a high spec, dedicated and versatile live streaming system. Installed with VMIX Pro streaming and studio software, it allows for mixing between backstage and FOH sources, as well as pre-recorded media, independent from the in-room screen content.

Utilise multiple platforms.

Stream to multiple social media platforms simultaneously including Facebook Live and Youtube

Never miss a thing.

Live camera feeds with supporting Picture-in-Picture (PiP) allowing you to watch both the event and screen content at the same time

Stream post-event.

Create an online buzz by boosting interaction between you, your audience, and potentially generate a larger audience.

Even more importantly, it's an extremely affordable and very simple option.

Bringing live streaming to life.

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