Going live in 4…3…2…1

Our sister-company Orchard.Live ​are three-times regional promoter champions – nailing unforgettable gigs with some pretty memorable acts.

Taking it back to a 90’s rave with Pete Tong in Cardiff Castle, putting the kiss-of-life back in to Ponty in the Park, and branching out to the West country for Bath Festival – our guys kick-ass and constantly bring the feel-good.

As the biggest music geeks in Wales (it’s OK, they won’t mind us saying that), the Live team love to bring both new and undiscovered acts to Wales and beyond, and work continuously with independent music venues across the country.

Let us entertain you.

The music keeps them tickin’, but it’s the audience reaction that really drives them on. Staging over 100 shows each year, Orchard.Live bring the best in artists and performers to ensure you’re always having a good time.

We know our stuff.

Being absolute pro’s in the industry means our clients have also been shown the full live-show experience.

Check it out.

Qatar Airways, UEFA and the Welsh Rugby Union have all used our artist programming service to put on a one-of-a-kind experience.

check out what we did for qatar airways

It's showtime.

Experts in ticket management, promotions, programming, festival management, event management, talent booking, artist liaison and management and even dressing room management (because getting the rider correct is everything), Orchard.Live will take care of it all. All you’ve got to do is kick-back, enjoy the gig and let the team smash it – as they always do.

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