Castleoak branding.

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The brief

Initially a rebrand was proposed, but after some early sketches of a drastic change in direction and findings from focus groups, we uncovered that there wasn’t enough justification to shift away from the logo that Castleoak knew and loved. So we listened, and agreed that the best way to retain recognition of the established brand whilst updating it, was by giving it a good old brand refresh.

Castleoak logo on a navy blue background with the tagline 'Creating quality living space'

Be brave... by not being brave?

What a client wants, may actually not be what they need. Some brands are better suited to a refresh, where certain aspects can be retained and respected due to the legacy and love of what already exists. Sometimes this is more powerful than a huge change of direction.


It was important for us to research what the client disliked or felt was broken about the existing brand first to help approach the refresh. Working closely with the project team at Castleoak, we discovered that the positioning of the business was in need of a shift to a more premium market. Castleoak take a lot of pride in what they do and always have the end customer in mind when designing and consulting on quality living space for the elder generation. With this in mind, Orchard’s immersed understanding of what makes the business tick and what campaign creative is suitable for each audience has allowed us the freedom and trust to propose new ideas and help evolve the brand beyond the page. 

Our partnership with Castleoak stems back to 2008 - with our extensive offering of services allowing us to advise the project team on how best to engage an audience, what mediums will be best suited and time frames to produce a variety collateral.

Castleoak branded business cards scattered across a white surface
Mockup of a Castleoak care home brochure