Children Looked After - a journey through the eyes of a child VR experience.

// Local County Council

The brief

Create a VR experience on the care system for a local County Council. They wanted to then use the film as a tool to evoke empathy and understanding in a range of educational settings.

Key objectives

  • Use hard-hitting statistics to explain the current care system
  • Create an understanding for people who have never been a part of the care system
  • Required to be hard hitting and memorable


After a team brainstorm, it was decided that it would be most effective if the film was shown from a child’s perspective. How better to tell a child’s story than from the eyes of a child? It was also decided that no actors should be used in this production, but to involve local children, teachers and foster families who are involved in the care system.

The experience transforms the viewer into a child journeying through the care system. The viewer hears the child’s thoughts and worries, as they experience the system from their point of view. This allows the viewer to empathise more easily. The viewer experienced a history of neglect, followed by being moved to a foster family. We see the hardships of going from school to school, and how certain carers and support can change a child’s life for the better.

Between each scene, the viewer is shown a corresponding fact about the care system. These hard-hitting statistics bring home the reality of the hardships and obstacles these children face.

Our team visited an array of schools, foster houses and filming locations to capture the footage, all shot on an 8k, 360˚ camera. Our post production team then worked their magic and created a highly emotive and thought-provoking experience ready to educate, inform and inspire.

This experience is now being used by local authorities across South Wales, and educating teachers, careers and social workers about the care system.

VR film being shown on video wall

We were looking for a bespoke project to raise awareness of a child’s journey through the care system. Virtual Reality gave us the means to allow our audience to experience this journey themselves-walking a mile in the child’s shoes. Orchard’s expertise and knowledge has helped us produce a fantastic product which has been used successfully in a range of educational settings.

Damian Petts