Dickies ‘Hard Working since 1922’ media campaign.

// Dickies

The brief

To raise the profile and drive sales of Dickies Workwear and the new ‘Hard Working Since 1922’ range.

Key objectives

  • Increase awareness of the Dickies Workwear brand, and the new range of clothing
  • Drive sales
  • Reach out to tradespeople and DIY enthusiasts


Initial market research concluded that

  • There is a misconception with young tradespeople’s background, with 80% gaining A-levels or equivalent, and half coming from a university background. This compares to the popular image of a tradesperson having left school at sixteen, worked on the job and then cemented that experience later on with a vocational qualification – which was mostly the case for the older generation. 
  • By looking into the average hours per week spent on media, we could determine that skilled workers were much more likely to listen to the radio than the national average.


Three phases ran - September, October and November - using radio, press and online media.

  • Tactical targeting on AdMobile enabled us to specifically target a 1km radius of DIY merchants, and those that had visited workwear outlets, trade locations etc, and with an interest in new workwear, plus contextual profiling overlaid. This enabled us to reach potential tradespeople with an ad that would be relevant to them
  • TalkSPORT radio allowed us to be relevant for our target demographic. All spots were scheduled before 4pm to match the ‘on site’ work day and we saw a total delivery of impressions at 100.4%.
  • Insertions in The Sun which delivered an estimated reach of 1,800,000 per insertion
  • More mainstream radio stations were introduced into targeted areas - Heart Sussex and Heart West. This was ideal in maintaining and increasing brand awareness to those not involved in the trade industry.

Due to TalkSPORT delivering well in terms of planned activity and audience targeting, we recommended running a promotion which included airtime and an online competition. The engagement rate was extremely high on the competition with approx. three to four times many people taking part than the average TalkSPORT online competition.

Overall all media was delivered in line, or above plan with some excellent deal rates. Anecdotal feedback was that the ads have been heard by the relevant audience and increased web traffic and sales uplift in response to this campaign.