J+D Consulting branding.

// J+D Consulting

The brief 

Understand the visions and ideas of J+D Consulting, and take them on a journey of brand evolution.

Key objectives

  • Deconstruct every part of their brand and put it back together again
  • See how far J+D Consulting can push their brand in an otherwise uninspiring industry of pharmaceutical forecasting


We created, we built, we delivered. 

We love to take a look into our client’s world by getting under the skin of their brand, so we lived and breathed the identity of J+D. We were keen to keep the essence and core values of J+D, but help them communicate these values through a stronger visual language. Our main focus was to create a brand identity that establish J+D as a thought leader within their industry, paired with a thought-out strapline: ‘The Shape of Things to Come’.

With this, came an enhanced tone of voice, a range of identities that reflect the personalities and offerings within the business, 3D objects creation, animation and presentation material, all wrapped up in beautifully crafted brand guidelines to help simplify the complex and elevate the humdrum. We worked with shapes inspired by the SOMA cube to build the creative concepts and visuals for the brand. We loved the idea of every shape having a purpose to build something bigger, just like J+D.

We continue to work alongside J+D and remain contracted as the agency of choice for all J+D’s brand material.