brand launch.

// MotoNovo

The brief

Launch a new brand to potential car buyers in a highly cluttered and competitive sector. 'feel good car buying' advert on a motorway bridge

Key objectives

  • Quickly build brand awareness, trust and credibility amongst people in the UK
  • Use broadcast media to get the brand known, and deliver a clear and simple message to people in the UK
  • Increase website traffic through advertising and media 


We worked on the marketing strategy and media plan for 18 months before launching the brand in January 2018. 

As part of this initial marketing strategy, we held focus groups in our Lab, and conducted market research about experiences of car buying, the brand, category and competitors. After wading through all the facts to find the genuine insights, we got to understand the car buying journey, and learnt that how the journey made you feel was more important than what it actually did. 

A 'feel good car buying' advert on a digital roadside screen


From this understanding, our creative & design, and production teams were able to bring the brand to life – ‘feel good car buying’ , by creating and building the brand identity, and making the TV adverts, which were then broadcast nationally at peak times. 

Building our media plan around this insight, we chose broadcast media channels that would have the highest reach as quickly as possible. Going BIG! at launch to make some noise, we got the ‘feel good car buying’ message out there on billboards, hero outdoor sites, local buses, TV, Radio and AdSmart, maintaining its level of activity throughout the year to remind people of the brand for when they are ready to change their car.

Another project highlighting the benefit of our fully integrated approach. 

Stats based on 6 month HPI Morar Wave 4 research:

  • 19% increase in brand awareness of as a brand selling cars and / or finance
  • 47% of those aware would consider using the brand

The team at Orchard helped us launch a brand into a competitive market and build brand awareness from 0 to 19% in just 6 months from launch, with 47% who would consider using our site when purchasing or financing a car.

The campaign has delivered against all key metrics and KPIs which is a testament to the media strategy, planning and activation that Orchard have delivered.

London traffic, including a bus with a '' advert on the back, driving past a '' digital screen advert