Royal Mint 60th Anniversary launch event.

// Royal Mint

The brief

To promote the launch of the Royal Mint’s 60th Anniversary of ‘Paddington the Bear’s commemorative 50p coin.

Working in partnership with Wild Creations (renowned for campaigns such as the Rugby World Cup 2015’s “Ball in the Wall” at Cardiff Castle, and Ghostbusters “Staypuft Marshmallow man” at Waterloo).

 Key objectives

  • Increase awareness of the coin
  • Drive people onto the website where they could purchase the coins


Having already established a successful working relationship with the team at Wild Creations, we were able to facilitate the process of delivering their concept at Paddington Station successfully for the week-long event, creating an experiential event for the public. 

The concept involved a large branded base showing the journey of Paddington the bear as he travelled to South Wales to see his coins being produced by the Royal Mint. Two oversized coins were mounted on the platform showing the two coin designs, and utilising a hidden motor and speaker system in the base that would rotate the coins through 180 degrees, at a 30-second interval. This was accompanied by a sound clip announcing “All change at Paddington!” to tie into their social media campaign.

The stand was manned by two brand ambassadors and a member of staff from the Royal Mint to provide information, engage the public with the stand by showing them examples of the coins, and ultimately directing them to the website where the coins could be purchased. 

We also provided all the relevant documentation for the safe delivery, construction and running of the event with elements such as security, insurance, dimensional and noise guidelines, health and safety paperwork and media permits in place to ensure a smooth process for all parties involved.