Stay Safe VR experience.

// Western Power Distribution

The brief

To deliver a Virtual Reality (VR) experience suitable for children, highlighting the dangers of electricity and how to stay safe in a potentially dangerous situation.

Key objectives

  • Create a short film to highlight the dangers of electrical lines and/or electrical stations to children aged 12 and upwards
  • Must be realistic and something children can relate to, but hard hitting and memorable enough to highlight the dangers
  • Must be available to view through social channels (YouTube, Facebook, etc), the Western Power Distribution website and be available through the VR and 360 viewing platforms


One of the best things about VR is its ability to transport the viewer into the story, creating empathy and more of an understanding than a ‘regular’ video.

We decided to refresh one of Western Power Distributions' old safety videos into VR, giving it a modern-day twist but still showing the dangers of electricity sub stations. The original safety video saw a young boy accidentally throw a frisbee into a sub-station, climbing in to it to retrieve it, and then is subsequently electrocuted. We refreshed thie story by having a group of friends – one of which is the viewer, flying a toy drone which is accidentally blown into a sub-station. The children then climb a fence and debate the dangers and the safety steps they should take; however, one child continues to break safety regulations and is electrocuted.

The viewer experiences the above from the point of view of one of the children. They talk with each other and see their friend electrocuted. Although hard hitting, we ensured this was done in a tasteful manner, ensuring its suitability for the target audience and intended purposes.

With the permission of Western Power Distribution, we filmed the scenes in an old substation now used for training purposes. Our crew included production staff, make up professionals, stunt coordinators and pyrotechnics. 

Together,we created a memorable experience that will make children think twice before risking their lives around electricity, and the content is being used by Western Power Distribution on their social media platforms, promotional events and on school tours.

We have a great relationship with Orchard. Their dedication to our project is evident in all aspects – a very professional and creative team that strive to meet and exceed our expectations. We really appreciate their attention to detail and creative approach when developing/promoting our electricity safety message through VR, which is also an industry first.