The Coastal Way PR & Marketing Campaign.

// The Coastal Way

The brief

To create an integrated destination PR and Marketing campaign that stands out from the rest.

Forget pushing out the same old press release time and time again - what about creating a sense of excitement, intrigue and using some world-famous vloggers to capture real emotions to pull in your audience instead? Well that’s what we did…

Key objective

In order to create a real buzz around The Coastal Way route along the West of Wales, and to draw in tourists, we wanted to go a step further than usual by designing an integrated campaign that included world-famous travel vloggers, video content, national events and digital engagement.


From our research and experience of working on national and international tourism campaigns (Visit Wales) we know that people are more likely to buy-in to emotion when it comes to a sense of place. How does it make them feel? What will they miss if they fail to visit? That’s why we decided to create a gripping series of vlog-style films to put out across social channels, as opposed to the usual written or image content. But how do we ensure we get the emotion right? Cue world-famous travel vloggers - Kinging It. A couple who know how to travel, a couple who squeeze fun and adventure into everything they do - perfect for the messaging around The Coastal Way.

The series of vlogs then featured across client social media channels - some organic and some targeted paid campaigns in order to reach new audiences. Nothing was left to chance, and we looked at the main hotspots across the UK that we could target. Using client insight, we concentrated on 3x cities outside of Wales that were within an easy drive, yet could pull in tourists that potentially have never even considered visiting West Wales before - Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham.


But why stop there? We wanted to meet these people, to show people the fun that awaits along The Coastal Way. We wanted to take our video content on tour. After all, our audience by now have consumed The Coastal Way message online 3-5 times, so reinforcing it with a physical event is likely to tip them over the edge and explore the idea of visiting The Coastal Way.

We transformed what would be an ‘exhibition stand’ into The Coastal Way campervan- touring our target cities and engaging with members of the public by showcasing our vlogs and running competitions with local businesses.