Year of the Sea TV Commercial.

// Visit Wales

The brief 

…was of #epic proportions.

Produce a TV commercial that showcased the best that Wales has to offer; a commercial that drew on the emotion of a country, and underlined just how fantastic a place it is to visit. Who wouldn’t want to produce the advert that showcases the country we love so much – the country we call home!

Creative planning

Like all ads, this one started with creative planning – in the way of a storyboard – it’s a process that relies on both the valuable creative and practical insight we can provide; ensuring that the commercial fits the brief, conveys the key messages and is achievable on the budget assigned.


How exactly do you find a sea plane that can take off from North Wales, and land in Cardiff Bay? – that was a challenge! Utilising the vast amount of contacts we have in our arsenal and marrying that with the huge amount of experience our team boast when planning complicated shoots like this, we were quickly able to source a Seaplane, and most importantly, ensure it was air-worthy.


Carefully choosing the right ones, ones that really got to the heart of what we were trying to showcase – glorious landscapes that would light up the screen, and wow audiences with their beauty and majesty.


The cameras were loaded, the locations poised, and the team chomping at the bit to get going. The filming day itself was an operation to be taken seriously, this was going to be no mean feat, but we were a crew of no less than 30 people, every one eager to make sure that the results that we were all hoping for were achieved.

With only a very short plane ride from its Snowdonia location to Cardiff Bay we had to move quickly. The crew transported to Cardiff Bay and once the crew was in place, we had a twenty-minute window to land the seaplane in Cardiff bay. Imagine that, the whole of Cardiff Bay closed so that we could land our Seaplane. No pressure.

It happened without a hitch. A spectacular end to what was a spectacular shoot that captured the brief perfectly. 

The results speak for themselves. A world-class advert, showcasing the best that Wales has to offer.