Yellow Sub website and brand.

// Yellow Sub Geo

The brief

“We’re starting our own business! We want it to be disruptive in the industry, cut through the jargon and be straight talking. We’re gonna call it Yellow Sub. What do you think?”

Yellow Sub logo

Key objective

Yellow Sub wanted to challenge an industry that usually consists of three letter acronyms and bring geotechnics, hydrology and land regeneration kicking and screaming into a new age. 


This project was a complete blank canvas, meaning we could really go crazy with exploration and push the limits of creative design. We created a symbol, logotype, and even an animation that simplifies Yellow Sub’s process. The animated infographic takes spotlight on the homepage of a clean, responsive website design that we helped create and develop too. It was all about making it playful yet informative, with an easy to understand language that breaks the typical jargon that you would expect to find.

Additionally, we built brand guidelines, collateral and kick-ass tees to allow the brand to sing loud and proud at every touchpoint. We even entered the world of 3D object creation, making a hand-size 3D model submarine which Alex takes on his cycling adventures - it’s very cultured.

We work hard to bring our clients vision to life and the journey so far with Yellow Sub has been creatively challenging - and we love it. We’re super excited to push this project out there and provide Yellow Sub with a platform to be proud of; one that represented their business wholeheartedly. Through openness, creative freedom and collaboration, we’ve been able to create a passionate brand for two passionate people.

Keep an eye out for #yellowsubversion, #yellowsublime and #livelifeyellow in the future!

A laptop screen showing the Yellow Sub website

The team at Orchard is a rare and curious cocktail brimming with creativity, passion and talent. They have built our brand and website from the ground up, sharing and indeed fuelling our excitement along every step of the way together.

Alex Egan - Director
Yellow Sub logo, horizontal variant
Yellow Sub text logo variations for Geo, Hydro and Solutions
Mockups of the Yellow Sub branding on stationery