Barbie: She’s not just everything, she’s everywhere! 

With the imminent highly anticipated release of the Barbie movie, the promotional efforts surrounding it continue to ignite our excitement. It seems like everywhere we turn, we’re greeted by an array of captivating billboards, social media campaigns, and enticing collaborations that have us all immersed in a state of awe and anticipation for this cinematic marvel.

Kudos to the ingenious promotions team behind the movie, who have truly painted the world pink, and are captivating audiences far beyond the intended demographic.  

Barbie, once considered a doll exclusively for young girls, has now become a topic of conversation among adults and even men. What has brought about this shift in perception? Has the movie itself altered its essence to cater to a broader audience? Probably not. But Mattel have been on a drive over recent years to make their toy better fit the World we live in today by offering diversity and better representation through their dolls. Other than embracing diversity, the core elements of Barbie remain unchanged. However, the magic lies in the power of marketing, which has helped shift the perception towards the brand and the movie. 

Barbie Movie 2023
Barbie Movie 2023

Take a moment to observe the world around you. From toothbrush to the furniture, everything seems to be transforming into something that Barbie would adore, doesn’t it? This is the profound impact of marketing. Since the release of the movie trailer, we’ve been consistently bombarded with news of new and exciting collaborations centered around Barbie. And make no mistake, these collaborations are not random occurrences; they are meticulously planned to infuse a touch of Barbie’s essence into our daily lives, generating a palpable buzz that reverberates across various industries. 
With a whopping budget of $100 million, the marketing team decided to take a unique approach by immersing the audience in the enchanting “Barbie World.” Rumoured to have been more than 100 brand collaborations, each carefully selected to pull in a different audience. One of the standout collaborations was with the oral care brand, Moon, ensuring that Barbie is the first thought in your mind as you wake up. With a touch of pink added to your morning dental routine, Barbie is truly leaving her mark. 


Barbie’s list of collaborations extends far beyond the realm of toys and dolls. They have infiltrated our lifestyles, influencing fashion, and even our house interiors. However, what truly stands out about Barbie’s collaborations is their ability to expand the target audience beyond the expected. For instance, the collaboration with Xbox, a gaming console, is nothing short of brilliant. By introducing Barbie to a male-dominated user base, the collaboration not only widens the audience for both brands but also sparks conversations and excitement among consumers. 

While young men and women have been buzzing about the movie, the marketing team recognizes the importance of targeting older, more “responsible” audiences. That’s where the collaboration with Progressive Insurance comes into play. The insurance commercial, set outside the dreamhouse, appears to target this demographic precisely. By associating Barbie with a mature and practical aspect of life, the collaboration aims to appeal to a wider range of consumers. 

Barbie Movie 2023

It’s fascinating how marketing can weave its way into our consciousness, gradually influencing our preferences and perceptions. Through their strategic partnerships with renowned brands, Barbie’s influence now extends far beyond the confines of the toy aisle. She has effortlessly infiltrated the realms of fashion, beauty, home decor, and more, captivating our imaginations and leaving an indelible mark on popular culture. In today’s time, when every brand is competing for their brand recognition, Barbie’s promotional team has taken on this daunting challenge and through their collaborations above and their ubiquitous presence in our daily lives have managed to procure a very strong brand recognition with ease. So much so that the mere presence of minimalistic hot pink billboard across the globe have achieved astonishing success by leveraging simplicity and strong brand recognition. 

“From a creative point of view, we’ll be wrestling with how to balance machine-learning and the human brain for a long time to come” Moshe Issacian, Senior Brand Consultant

This concerted marketing effort serves a dual purpose. Not only does it amplify the brand’s presence and generate excitement for the forthcoming movie, but it also fosters a sense of connection between consumers and the world of Barbie. By seamlessly integrating Barbie’s aesthetic into everyday objects, we are invited to embrace our inner child, evoking a sense of nostalgia and enchantment that transcends age and gender– which begs the question – “Is collaboration the new way to market in 2023 now?” 

As an Agency, we can’t help but marvel at the millions of dollars poured into marketing efforts for a flagship brand that is not only universally recognized but, dare we say, already loved by many. The more cynical amongst us, might even feel their efforts might have been somewhat misplaced, as a significant portion of the audience had already made up their minds to watch this movie, many out of nostalgia for their own childhood.

But their marketing efforts have got everybody talking, amplifying public interest in the movie and judging by online reactions, consumers are showing no-sign of tiring of the collabs and content. Will the movie live-up to the hype? Does it even matter? This level of sustained build-up takes real skill, spend and effort to execute.

Barbie Movie 2023

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