How we crafted an award-winning global campaign that took Wales to the World

In November 2022, Cymru — the Welsh national football team — flew out to Qatar to compete in the FIFA World Cup finals. The first time in 64 years that our nation had participated in the world’s biggest sporting event.

The global audience of 5 billion people presented the Welsh Government with a unique opportunity to showcase our country to the world and create a legacy. Cue us as the Content and Distribution Agency for Brand Wales. This was our moment to create something special. Cymru i’r Byd.

Pulling in a range of specialists and almost two-dozen partners, we worked closely with the client to bring the campaign to life.

We set out to introduce Wales, a country that many had never heard of, for the very first time; to re-connect with our global diaspora; and to inspire an entire nation at home.

This needed to be more than a tourism campaign, so we placed the people of Wales at the heart of our strategy. They became our country’s messengers: They told our stories, championed our progressive policies, shared our values, culture and traditions in a warm, authentic and progressive way.
Our multilingual integrated campaign positioned Wales as a progressive nation that cares for people and for planet. We invited the world in, and we showcased what makes Wales special.

Tîm Cymru – an innovative collaboration with organisations such as the Football Association of Wales, S4C, BBC, Wales Arts International, GlobalWelsh, Urdd Gobaith Cymru helped amplify Wales’ stories through culture, music events and broadcasts.

The result? A campaign that raised awareness of our nation and values; secured global PR coverage; and that’s given Wales the firmest of foundations on which to build strong international relationships, trade and tourism

Here’s how we did it…

Wales to the World Campaign Results


  • Wales’ global share of voice grew from 1% to 7% (Halo Impact Report)
  • 40% increase in global mentions
  • 90,141,626 impressions (+175% on forecast)
  • 45,882,358 video views (+204%)
  • 677,999 traffic to (+1,080%)


  • 66 interviews on global outlets including Reuters, Al Jazeera, Washington Post, France24 created 17.9bn opportunities to see media coverage

The campaign proved to be the big winner at the World Media Group awards in London as it scooped the Travel and Tourism award and the Grand Prix prize to claim the best of the best out of all of the evening’s winners.

A big llongyfarchiadau and diolch to our team here at Orchard, the team who drove this at the Welsh Government, and the many creative partners who delivered this award winning campaign.

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