Our promise to plant a tree for every job we complete.

“The moment we decide to fulfil something, we can do anything” Greta Thunberg

In the face of an impending environment crisis, brands are looking to reflect this public and market concern, aligning themselves with current key trends and looking to improve their green credentials.

We wanted to be part of this community of change, and wanted an initiative that was realistic, attainable, and tangible. And so, the ‘Orchard Guarantree’ was born. Here are our top 3 reasons why we promise to plant a tree, for every job we complete.

1. Improve our environmental credentials beyond reduce, reuse, and recycle and start offsetting activities.

It’s such a simple concept – we wonder why we hadn’t thought of it before now.

We were fortunate to find an ideal partner in the form of the Coed Hills Rural Artspace, an eco-friendly sustainable living community. Established around 20 years ago as a rural art space, it has since become a wedding venue and home to around 12 people living together harmoniously – protecting and promoting the concept of eco-friendly sustainable living. An ethos that resonated strongly with us.

Not only are we committed to sourcing, planting, and nurturing a minimum of 200 trees a year (of which 33% will be fruit trees*), our team will also have the opportunity to volunteer at the space and learn all about sustainability from growing our own food, to building, beekeeping, and renewables etc -giving the initiative true value over years. And promoting a happy team.

It’s not all fluffy though. From a business perspective, this new initiative also gives multiple and complementary benefits – creating differentiation, adding value to clients, as well as benefitting the planet.

2. Be a catalyst for change and influence others.

We want to positively influence others and help change behaviours and industry attitudes, so as part of this initiative, we are also giving our clients, partners, and friends an opportunity to join and plant trees as well – the legacy of our collaborations and projects living on through many years of tree growth.

Our hope is that this initiative acts as a catalyst for change, and that other businesses can find something that LASTS for themselves.

Local – ‘Think globally, act locally’. Action starts at home
Attainable – Small, simple actions that can have a big cumulative effect
Scalable – No upper limit for ourselves or others
Tangible – Benefits you can touch and see (there will even be a sign!)
Sustainable – Not a one hit wonder or gimmick

3. Finally, it’s tangible.

Increasingly clients are looking for brands that they can connect with and share the same values – creating partnerships through common goals and values. Planting tress is an authentic, attainable and achievable way to make a difference, and everyone is able to see the tangible benefits for themselves as the initiative grows.

Projects that bear fruit both literally and figuratively.

So, come and join our community. We’re not going to save the planet, but we can do the small things to help.

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*According to research from Cornell University, apple trees can absorb between 10-20 tonnes of carbon dioxide per acre every year and release 15 tonnes of oxygen. Wow!

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