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This is Wales. Invested.

Wales is investing in the future. Developing ideas and technologies that help shape the next century. And Trade and Invest (T&I) is at the forefront of this journey. As the official Welsh Government Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) marketing initiative for Wales, T&I is responsible for promoting Wales as a place for business and offering support to those who wish to invest.

The challenge was to introduce Wales to the world as a place to do business. To attract people and companies who can contribute by investing in our nation. Bringing together T&I’s expertise and to celebrate those who have benefited were the main objectives.

Creative strategy
Brand development
Graphic design
Art direction
Content production
and distribution
Media buying

Building on three core themes, wellbeing, talent and sustainability, a big idea was established – This is Wales. Invested. Put simply, its Wales being invested in the economy, it’s people and its future. This thinking underpinned the strategy for ongoing campaigns and marketing activity, guiding messaging and creative content.

A nation of bold thinkers, creators, makers and leaders.
This is your invitation, to be inspired.
To discover our epic country.

Our strategy was to build brand awareness, create opportunity, and increase interest in FDI. We did this by developing engaging storytelling through a series of long and short form hero content, and a series of business stories which were filmed, photographed, and written across multiple business sectors and regions. With people, product and place being the content focus.
Creating a bank of assets that can be tailored and utilised for campaigns throughout the year and shared to an online resource, for the Trade & Invest team, to utilise across their own organic social media. 
We continue to work closely with our digital partner and inhouse media teams, developing multiple campaigns throughout the year. Focussing on key market events across the globe, such as Wales Week London, the Qatar World Cup, Dubai Expo, Cyber Week, Arab Health and US Tech Week.

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