Dark Skies

Telling our story of Wales

We’ve been the lead contractor for Visit Wales, Trade & Invest Wales, and Wales.com for almost a decade.  We’ve created hundreds of videos, articles, strategies and activations in that time using our multi-disciplinary team.

This challenge for Visit Wales was to find a way to highlight the benefits of visiting Wales in the winter season. We had to ask ourselves how do we showcase Wales and get people to visit when it’s cold and dark outside?

Script Writing
Post Production

We’re experienced strategists and deep dived into what specific elements of the Welsh winter were unique that we could tell a story with, what type of content and messaging resonated with the audience, and how we could use our location as an asset. We knew that there was a desire to target families and young adventurers and we identified share characteristics that would appeal to both markets.

Alyn Wallace an astral photographer looking over the Elan Valley at dusk with camera in hand.
Alyn Wallace an astral photographer looking at his camera at night with only a head torch for light.

For us, authenticity was key in telling our story of Wales, from the script to the tone, the sounds and sights to the characters. We wanted it to be about the sounds of winter – the crunch of the grass underfoot, the whistle of the wind ­– as much as an oral narration. We wanted it to be a sonic sensory experience, which is why we chose ambient sounds matched with music.


We found locations, crew, cast and creatives and shot two adverts all about the night’s sky. In post-production we built the sound mix, added some specially composed music to create a multi-sensory video experience.

Our videos, adverts and digital content were watched and experienced by thousands of people. We were able to show a different side to Wales and showcase authentic, emotive storytelling.

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